Pond of Stillness

Do water lilies really die?
How far can the eye see?
How much a shadow weigh?
Only the old willow knows.

Pond of stillness.
Mirror of vastness.
We are like water rings
short-lived little things,

forgotten wonders
fallen from the night sky,
gleams of a dream
in a child’s heart.

illustration : Water Lilies (Claude Monet, 1906)

Love is Eternity

How long does a wing beat last?
How far away is the farthest Star?
We all are butterfly children.
We all fell from abyssal skies.

But the Sea remains aware.
We’re riding the crest of a dream,
and there is no reason to worry.
Waves of light will carry us home.

The Heart beats slow.
The Soul weighs nothing.
We already know everything.
Love is Eternity.